Changing Digital World and its Challenges

It took 50 years to accept computers as a new technology, 10 to accept mobiles, even less to switch to smartphones. Before long, businesses went online, interviews started being recorded on smartphones, and individuals started launching their own YouTube channels to become overnight sensations! Thus began the need to have a website, at least create social media handles, start digital marketing efforts, do SEO and whatnot.

However, this forced individuals and businesses to stray away from their core activity. There was suddenly so much content that needed to be created and edited, the audio/video interviews to be transcribed, YouTube channels to have subtitles (because not many in the world would understand your accent), attractive designs to be created because that was what grabbed their attention, that it became a digital jungle out there. People started hiring service providers from all across the world – another benefit of technology. Sometimes, the service providers would turn out good, sometimes bad. Some were expensive, some were cheap, but provided bad service. With technological advances, a time came when there were multiple vendors doing various different things for you, with various different billing cycles, deliverables, contracts and even locations. This was too complicated…

In comes the era of one-stop-shops for all technological needs. At My Word My Voice, we understand such challenges you face and we strive to become the one-stop-shop that allows you to focus on your core activity and business outcomes. At present, we provide the following services, but if you need something else, just connect with us and we will either add the service to our portfolio, or we will connect you with someone who can help you.

Services Offered:

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